Monthly Archives: September 2014

The shelf above the sink


1. Dried up old orchid stem
2. Tiny ceramic pot (I think for air plants?), made by my cousin as her wedding favor
3. Dried up Craspedia flowers from F’s birthday party
4. Jade clipping from a 40 year old jade growing at my in-laws’ house
5. Mummified Western Fence Lizard from my mother-in-law
6. Some kind of wide-leaved sage from Big Sur
7. Giant Dwarf star clip
8. Remote and Donut Lego accessories from The Simpsons Lego minifigs
9. One die with eight map directions from The Pirate Supply Store at 826 Valencia
10. Squished penny
11. Snail shell from a faithful aquarium buddy. RIP
12. Elk tooth
13. Rattlesnake rattle
14. Rattlesnake rattle from a rattlesnake who bit my father-in-law’s dog
15. Shark tooth
16. Thunderegg I dug at Richardson’s Rock Ranch, which I also cut and polished by hand
17. Small jar of obsidian and arrowhead shards from my father-in-law
18. My dental impressions cast in plaster after braces
19. A great sheet of rock with shell fossils
20. Shark tooth
21. Thunderegg (w/hollowing) I dug at Richardson’s Rock Ranch, which I also cut and polished by hand.
22. Rock
23. Trilobite fossil from my mother-in-law
24. Larger trilobite fossil
25. Binoculars that belonged to my husband as a kid
26. Fuchsia that I accidentally broke off when I was replanting
27. Some kind of Israeli liquor, tastes like licorice, from my friend who lives there.
28. Trees of Mystery snow globe from Trees of Mystery
29. Jar of glow in the dark stones
30. Jar of miscellaneous 1” buttons
31. Pizza stamp I carved
32. Another handmade ceramic piece from my cousin’s wedding
33. Ammonite cut in half, lengthwise
34. Shark tooth
35. Very large shark tooth. Megalodon? Is that wishful thinking?
36. Bigger piece of obsidian
37. Apricot pit
38. “Rings and Things” from my great-grandma